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About our activities

About our activities.


We are “Professional of termite Extermination” in Japan.

We can provide the termite extermination of reasonable price for everybody who is in trouble with termaite troubles.

If you find termites in or around your house, or after over five years since the last time of termite extermination. Do not leave the termite damages, because termites are rapidly increasing and bite the wooden part of your house. The speed termites incerase is really fast, so it is too dangerous to do nothing even though you find termaites.

We, “as a pest control company”  have many experiences of termite extermination. Over 36,000 exterminations since the establishment. So we have wll knowledge about termaite or other kinds of harmful incect and how to exterminate them. We have exterminated the termaites in many situations So if you fell anxiety about termaites Please call us.

If you want to know how much the termite extermination costs, please call it. You don’t have to pay for asking the price. Also it is totally free price to go to your house and chcek if termites exist.

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