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It is totaly free to come to your house and check the damage of termites!

You don’t have to pay to get the temite check by professional exterminator, of course you can cancel the deal!


Get the free termite check by professional exterminator!


It is surprising expensive to exterminate termites by professional. Now a days most of people serch and compare extermination companies by Internet.

We “Termite No1” is fully confident with our quality of termite extermination, because we’ve solved many kinds of termite problems over 10 years. And we’ve done over 30,000 houses so far.

That’s why we have strong confidence with termite extermination. We have the specific method of terminate we experimented and invented, and we have both methods of “chemical” and “non-chemical” extermination.

So please call us (0120-094-781) to get free termite check. After the termite check, we’ll give you quotation sheet which indecats how much the termite extermination costs and exact plan and method of temite extermination.

Of course you can cancel it after getting quotation sheet, and you don’t have to pay for that. Do not worry for paying about getting termite check and quotation notes. So you can use us as “Cost checker of termite extermination”.

Please call us if you have any anxiety of termite. We guarantee to be a big help for you!

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