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About “Ie-Shiroari (House termite)”

“Ie-shiroari(House termite)” is one of the most dangerous species in Japanese termites!


About “Ie-shiroari(House Termite)”


There are mainly three species of termite in Japan. “Yamato-shiroari(Yamato termite)”, “Ie-shiroari(House termite), and”Kanzai-shiroari(Dry wood termite).

In these three species, especially “Ie-shiroari(House termite)” is the most dangerous one. “Ie-shiroari(House termite)” is found in the pacific ocean side and the southern part from Chiba prefecture. That means “Ie-shiroari(House termite)” tends to live in warm and high humid part of Japan.

Termites need liquid to move to anather place, and “Yamato-shiroari(Yamato termite)” brings water from inside of soil, therefore “Yamato-shiroari(Yamato-termite) can clime to high place like 2nd floor of house. However “Ie-shiroari(House termite)” has ability to create liquid from their own body, therefore they can clime up to 2nd floor of buildings.

That’s why “Ie-shiroari(House termite)” is the most dangerous in Japanese species of termites. If you find the damage of termites on the 2nd floor or higher than that. It might be the damage of “Ie-shiroari(House termites). Please call us (0120-094-781)  as soon as you found that.

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